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Company AUTODEMONT, s.r.o., Kostolná 563, 032 02 Závažná Poruba, Slovakia, company ID (IČO): 47 352 680, VAT identification (DIČ): 202 384 1028, VAT reg. no.: SK202 384 1028, is the operator and the seller, that offers goods for sale through the website: www.autodemont.sk, or through contacts which are adduced on website, hereinafter referred to as "Seller“.

Customer or purchaser shall be deemed natural or legal persons established in the Slovak Republic, and beyond, that are interested in buying goods offered by the Seller or the purchase has taken place already. Persons to whom the Seller has entrusted the subject of a selling (spare part), e.g. auto service, or persons chosen by customer, who manipulating with the subject of a sale. Delivery companies are not considered as  buyers.

The subject of sale are mostly spare parts from cars or other specified goods supplied by the Seller.

Binding order occurs between the Seller and the Customer at the moment when the customer confirms their commitment to purchase and take delivery, which is the Subject of the sale. The Binding order may arise personally on the premises of the Seller or elsewhere, or by telephone, through mail, or by sending a form from the Web site that contains the specified subject of sale, or through binding order in the Selles’s online shop.



After confirmation of a binding order the Buyer is obliged to accept the goods at the agreed time and place (address). In case of cancellation of a binding order by the Customer or failure to transpose consignments with subject of sale, the seller will be entitled to refund damages (the cost) that incurred because of the cancellation of a binding order.

Spare parts are exclusively designed for installation in a workshop!

Each of our parts is pre-tested and labeled secretively!

We guarantee the legal origin of all parts, and we keep hold of the certificate of origin of every part.

When paying by cash, please check expenditures without delay. We are not responsible for the subsequent financial differences which will be find out of cash register!

Adduced prices are contracts, discount can be offered to our regular customers or when ordering large orders.

We reserve the right to change prices. We reserve the right to back out of a contract without giving a reason.

We reserve the right to request advance payment or its part by sending the advance invoices, particularly with larger orders or in case of  risk that the customer fails to take delivery.



Error-free goods purchased via Internet or ordered by phone can be returned within 14 days of receipt, subject to the following conditions, if not agreed otherwise.

Error-free goods purchased in person at the corporate office, in the Company's operations or elsewhere can not be returned. Within 14 days of the sale of purchased goods can be exchanged for other goods and subject to the conditions below, if not agreed otherwise.

The conditions for the return of a faultless and by customer unused goods:

The goods are returned in the same condition as received.

The goods are undamaged and unused by customer. Also only mounted respectively tested goods are considered as used.

When the sold goods were internally labeled (e.g. with sealing labels or other protective signs by seller) and the labelings are damaged or illegible, this claim will not be recognized.

Unjust returned goods (parts) for which we can not relevantly verify their current functionality is no longer possible. These include e.g. injection nozzles, control units, pumps, electronic parts etc. Therefore, when buying this range of goods please consider the Binding order.

Goods has to be delivered on your own expense and responsibility, together with a completed form "Withdrawal from the contract concluded at a distance" to the company's operation adress. CAUTION WE DO NOT ACCEPT COD (CASH ON DELIVERY)!!!

After receipt of goods we verify whether the goods meet the conditions for its return. In certain cases (eg. When there is a need for testing) may last about 30 days.

After fulfilling these conditions we will refund the price of the purchased goods. However, we will not refund the costs associated with the delivery of goods (postage consumed). The costs of returning goods shall be borne entirely by the customer.



On the spare parts (used goods), we always provide a guarantee for functionality, i.e. that part was removed from a  fully functioning car and at time of sale was still fully functional. Its functionality is further maintained in case it is adequately and professionally mounted. Install and test spare parts within 14 days from their receipt!

We provide a 24 months warranty on new products from their purchase.

We provide a 12 months warranty on provided services (i.e. ABS repair).

When you purchasing goods in person, in your own interest, please check the goods and try, if it is possieble. Any subsequent faults, which could be seen during the sale and immediately tried, will not be recognized as legitimate!

For the collection by the courier company, always check the packaging of the consignment properly. Shipments are always send packed properly and insured. Unless the consignment (or its packaging) is noticeably damaged, do not take it, or take it and unwrap the package only in the courier presence. If it is damaged, file a claim with the courier and contact us immediately. The seller or the delivery company does not take any responsibility for damages which were not reported timely.

All parts are pre-tested. We acknowledge that in rare cases the goods could have been corrupted or damaged during demounting, storing, packaging and delivery. In case you have received defective part or other works, than you ordered, please contact us as soon as possible (with used parts not later than 14 days from the purchase or delivery of the goods, unless agreed otherwise).

Goods under complaint send appropriately and safely together with a copy of the purchase receipt and a completed complaint form to above operation's address. Be sure to include your contact information. The costs associated with the delivery of the goods claimed borne by the customer.


The complaint will be properly assessed and settled within 30 days of receipt of the complaint. To satisfy our customers, we try to settle the complaint as soon as possible, usually we resolve them immediately.

If the complaint is found to be reasonable, we will exchange the good for the right one, the same or substitutable one in the same or in better technical condition, or another for counter value after mutual agreement. If we do not have that type of good we will lower your price (if the part is partly usable) or will refund the full price of an item after mutual agreement.


Complaints are not accepted if the claimed good:

- Has not been professionally mounted (in workshop).

- Was demounted or damaged by customer.

- Has been presented and functional during the sale, then was already used or tested by the customer.

- Is changed. Every of our part has hidden tags!

- Was unambiguously delivered undamaged, fully functional, and was tested in front of the customer

- Does not fit due to the customer - borrowing parts for purpose of testing is not possible.

- Fits for certain type of car, but the customer does not want it for some reason.

- Was sent back by COD (Collection on delivery).

- Was damaged during returning delivery - the sender (buyer) is responsible for returning delivery of the goods.




For delivery possibilies and prices please read Shipping&Returns.


The weights of goods are usually approximate and allways without weight of package (netto weight). For shipping costs calculating is necessary add 30% of netto weight for packaging. We reserve the right to refuse to send oversized parts or when weight exceeds 70 kg (eg. Some bonnet, windscreen, motor, etc.) Mainly due to the refusal by the courier company, high probability of damage or very problematic packaging. This product is intended only for personal collection. 



Customer has responsibility for the goods at the moment of delivery. When personal collection of goods, is it from the moment of customer's first physical contact with goods. The seller does not take any responsibility for any damages related to e.g. manipulating with already delivered (goods) to the Customer, even in the case when he will voluntarily help loading the goods. Moment of receipt of goods can occur before the acceprance of the right of ownership (payment). When delivering by courier company, it is the moment of signing and taking the goods without reservation to natural condition of the goods.


Extra fee for packaging can be charged when packing costs are aggravated, particularly when there are difficulties with packing of goods or above-average consumption of packaging material. It can be from € 0 to € 2 depending on the nature of the package. Shipping and extra fees for packaging will be added to the final price of consignment. If the postage and extra fees for packaging are not specified   when ordering, you can inform about the amount of these fees when ordering spare parts.



E-shop operator of www.autodemont.sk (hereinafter "autodemont.sk")

Kostolna 563
032 02  Zavazna Poruba


Company ID (IČO): 47 352 680

VAT identification (DIČ): 202 384 1028

 VAT registration number (IČ DPH): SK202 384 1028


The company is registered with the District court ZA I. Dept. Sro, number 59847/L.

The operator in accordance with the Act. file no.122/2013 Codex of Privacy regulations as amended processes personal data of the customer to:     

  1. order processing, invoice issue and complaints registration on online store autodemont.sk in terms of: (title, name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, bank account number, signature).

Operator or delivering company during order delivery is entitled to request from the customer's identity document to verify his identity or the person aduces at the delivery address.

The operator declares that the processed personal data of agrieved person uses only for the above purposes within its business activities.

Your privacy is governed by the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection, and your rights are governed mainly in § 28 of the Law on the protection of personal data; e.g. right, upon written request require from the operator for example. a generally intelligible form a list of your personal data, which are subject of the processing, confirmation of whether or not personal information about you are pocessed, correction or clearance of your incorrect, incomplete or not updated personal data which are subject of the processing, e.c.

Personal data provided to the operator by means of a registration form or direct orders must be true, and if there are any changes you are obliged to modify them and without delay inform the operator.

Customer information is stored in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic (Act 428/2002 Codex of personal data protection.)

Exemptions are  external carriers to whom are customer data sold to the minimum extent necessary for the smooth delivery of goods. Without the express consent of the customer, the Company Autodemont, s.r.o. uses their personal information just to the extent, which is allowed by the Codex of personal data protection.

The buyer gives the seller an approval for  the processing and saving of his personal data with indeterminate duration. The buyer can abrogate the approval for personal data processiong at any time in writing. The consent shall expire within one month from receipt of the abrogation and then the data will be deleted.

Your personal data may be provided to third parties and intermediaries, i.e. intermediaries cooperating with operators such as transport and delivery companies. The current list of these intermediaries contains:

1. UPS sro, based Kopčianska 10, 851 01 Bratislava, ID: 46671421, registered in the Commercial Register of District Court Bratislava I, Section Sro, File No.: 98480 /B



If there was previous written agreement, these conditions are not valid, but previously written agreement is valid. Other conditions that are not mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, are subject to the Slovak Commercial Code. These conditions are listed on our website at www.autodemont.sk and are publicly available at the corporate office.

When ordering parts by phone, electronically, in person or in writing, the Customer agrees to the above business conditions.


AUTODEMONT is valid registered trademark. Any of its other use, copying or editing without the permission of the owner is a crime. All text and image materials on this site are protected by copyright law.


In Závažná Poruba 01.09.2019, AUTODEMONT, s.r.o.


Tomáš Šuman-Hreblay,managing director

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