Subscription Options

  1. Personal purchasing

After confirmation of your orded, the spare parts can be collected in person at the adress of our place of business, at the time of opening hours. Personal collection is free of any charge.


  1. Worldwide Delivery

We can send your order to any country in the world. Most of shipments within Europe are sent via courier company EURODIS. It's a quick and reliable way of interstate shipments transport, which includes insurance and tracking. We send goods after we receipt a full payment in advance. If your country of delivery in not listed below, we can ship your order by Slovak Post but usually without shipping insurance. Delivery time of Slovak Post may take about 5-20 working days. If you require to deliver an heavier shipment, please contact us for other shipping possibilities. Part weights are showed without wrapping. It may take about 30 % extra of total weight. 


Postage and approximate shipping times to the individual countries of Europe via Expedited service (EURODIS Ground Courier service): 

EURODIS Ground to 2 kg to 5 kg to 10 kg to 15 kg
Czech Republic (3 days)
Hungary (2 days)
Austria (2 days)
19 EUR 23 EUR 26 EUR 30 EUR
Germany (2 days)
Poland (3 days)
Romania (3-4 days)
26 EUR 30 EUR 35 EUR 41 EUR
Croatia (3 days)
Slovenia (3 days)
26 EUR 30 EUR 35 EUR 41 EUR
Belgium (3 days)
Netherlands (3 days)
Luxembourg (3 days)
40 EUR 46 EUR 51 EUR 57 EUR
France (3 days)
Italy (3-4 days)
53 EUR 57 EUR 62 EUR 69 EUR
Portugal (4 days)
Spain (3 days)
70 EUR 74 EUR 79 EUR 86 EUR
*Sweden (5 days)
*Finland (5days)
*Denmark (4 days)
*Latvia (5 days)
*Estonia (5 days)
*There is a restriction on the delivery of individuals. Eurodis delivers these countries exclusively to company addresses.
56 EUR 61 EUR 66 EUR 73 EUR

 Economy and Standard International Shipping (by Postal service)


to 500 g (Registered Letter - small packets only)

to 1 kg (Registered Letter- small packets only)

to 2 kg to 5 kg to 10 kg
Europe - Standard (around 4-8 days) 14 EUR 19 EUR 29 EUR 37 EUR 52 EUR
World - Standard (around 7-15 days) 15 EUR 26 EUR 35 EUR 60 EUR 95 EUR


2. Delivery within Slovakia:

Packages and letters to Slovac Republic from 0 to 70 kg are dispatched solely by a contractual courier service UPS. Your ordered goods will be delivered the following working day from receipt of order confirmation (applies to orders received and validated to 3 PM)! We reserve the right to fail to deliver the goods the next working day after ordering (ordered to 3 PM). If this is not possible in particular because of the nature of the goods, their lengthy packaging , high number of orders, or because of incorrect or incomplete contact details which are required for the delivery, or a failure of the courier company etc.


Shipping within Slovakia via UPS courier service: 

Mass to
Postage with pre-payment
Postage cash
on delivery
3 kg 5 EUR 5 EUR
10 kg 6 EUR 6 EUR
15 kg 8 EUR 8 EUR
20 kg 9 EUR 9 EUR
30 kg 11 EUR 11 EUR
40 kg 19 EUR 19 EUR
another +10kg                 + 4 EUR +4 EUR


 Parts longer than 150 cm surcharge for postage +5€!


We reserve the right to refuse to send oversized parts or when weight exceeds 70 kg (eg. Some bonnet, windscreen, motor, etc.) Mainly due to the refusal by the courier company, high probability of damage or very problematic packaging. This product is intended only for personal collection.



Customer has responsibility for the goods at the moment of delivery. When personal collection of goods, is it from the moment of customer's first physical contact with goods. The seller does not take any responsibility for any damages related to e.g. manipulating with already delivered (goods) to the Customer, even in the case when he will voluntarily help loading the goods. Moment of receipt of goods can occur before the acceprance of the right of ownership (payment). When delivering by courier company, it is the moment of signing and taking the goods without reservation to natural condition of the goods.


Extra fee for packaging can be charged when packing costs are aggravated, particularly when there are difficulties with packing of goods or above-average consumption of packaging material. It can be from € 0 to € 2 depending on the nature of the package. Shipping and extra fees for packaging will be added to the final price of consignment. If the postage and extra fees for packaging are not specified   when ordering, you can inform about the amount of these fees when ordering spare parts.